Remembrances of a Life

The passing of someone dear to you is both a time of sadness and loss and an opportunity to celebrate their life. Your words and participation can mean a great deal to the entire congregation of those assembled at the home, church, chapel or cemetery.  You can be there to speak for yourself and for others who may not have a voice.

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​It is, after all, your one opportunity to commemorate the life of someone important to you in your own words; in front of many others who care.  Or else this chance to speak up may be lost.

In response to requests from our user, we now offer additional services to assist in eulogy writing and preparation, including:

  1) Eulogy Central a comprehensive Eulogy Writing Site

  2) The role of personal Editor via Email.

  3) Live consultation to discuss how to proceed.

  4) Drafting an original eulogy for our clients.

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