Recalling Your Own Life

Your passing on, sometime near or far, is naturally and understandably of real concern to you. Indeed it means permanently leaving the hopes, dreams and joys of life and the people who are most dear to you. Your words and indirect participation can mean a great deal to many in the general congregation assembled at the home, church, chapel or cemetery to commemorate your life. You cannot speak for yourself on this occasion, but you can designate someone else to speak your words for you.

Write your personal Eulogy using the MENU on the right for guidance, or send us an Email requesting assistance with: writing/editing/or choice of style.

The objective of the website is to assist you as you go about writing a eulogy that will touch the heart of your friends and family with its message of gratitude and love.  

As you write of your thoughts and memories, you may well undergo the sense of healing that often accompanies such an act of deep self-reflection.

Writing Your Own Eulogy

This website can also be of help when you attempt to write your own bio, obit or eulogy.  One to be included within a celebration of your passing. Perhaps in time to be posted as part of an ongoing memorial to your life and its role within the lives of your friends, family and the community.

After all, you may want to thank some folks, or perhaps say something kind or of importance that would otherwise remain unsaid.

Should you write this Eulogy yourself?  Or do you need help?

​It is, after all, your one opportunity to commemorate your life in your own words; in front of many others who care about you.  Or else this last expression from you will go unsaid amid the sorrow of your passing.

We now offer additional services to assist with eulogy writing and preparation, including:

  1) Eulogy Central a comprehensive Eulogy Writing Site

  2) The role of personal editor via Email.

  3) Live consultation to discuss how to proceed.

  4) Drafting an original eulogy for our clients.

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