Tell Me Of The Earth (c)    by L.B. Willner

  A Eulogy In The Form Of A Poem Spoken In The Voice Of The Deceased

Please tell me what you hear, And tell me what you see.

  For I am now far away, So look and hear for me.

Tell me of the children, Do they still play by the school?

  And are they just as mischievous,  Being both the hero and the fool?

And what now of the sunshine, Does it still bathe the Earth in warmth?

​   Does its light a million colors still scatter, Taking the Artist's spirit by Storm?

What then of nature, Can you tell me what you see?

  Is it all still as beautiful, As when you were with me?

​Is the sunrise just as spectacular, and the sunset just as colorful?

 As when we sat together, in some long forgotten morn?

Then Where I am I am not lonely, If these wondrous visions you provide

​   Of the Earth and of its splendors, As I lie here in this Gardenside!

A LOVELY LADY (c)        by L.B. Willner 

​  A Eulogy Poem or Elegy 

Gently ebbed the life away,

  Of this most lively spirit.

Here she shined just yesterday,

  Before leaving to join the ages.


She was a flower herself,

  And a flower child too.

That would brighten at the least urging,

  But deep waters ran there too, all merging.


It is quiet in her parlor now,

  All her special things have been put away.

No time left with them for this lady

  Only remembrances of her earthly days.


Goodbye, adieu, you with the shining eyes

  Fare thee well, you said it would be okay.

Maybe so in reason, but in quiet reverie

  Never, never again the same.

To Ruth At Heavens Gate (c)    by L.B. Willner

   A Eulogy In The Form Of A Poem

Her quiet strength a virtue still

  Was Steadfast in a changing world.

But always there for kit and kin

​Her Noble presence was deeply felt.

And yet a private person still

   Who shied away from the spotlight's glare.

Yet there remained, in close support

for those who would but dare.

She was for them in Victory

  But also in their quiet pain.

To soothe the soul of those

  Who often simply tried in vain.

A gifted spirit yet not too good

 But certainly also not too plain.

​To share herself with friends and kin

​And give her love without restraint. 

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