Choices Beyond The MENU Options

1.  Access to Eulogy Central - A Eulogy Writing Site

2.  A Eulogy Writing Kit - Sent to you by Mail

3.  Access to Eulogy Central/ Plus A Eulogy Kit by Mail

4.  Live Assistance by Email/Mail/Text/Phone

5.  An Original Eulogy Written For You 

6.  Assistance With An Obituary or Biography

7.  Help with the Presentation

8.  Or continue with the MENU pages.


To Get Assistance:

 Eulogize and Communicate

Based on the emotions you may be experiencing upon the loss of someone important to you, writing a eulogy on your own may not work.  

If greater and more personal help is needed with your eulogy, poem or obituary, send us an Email.

Choices - for eulogy writing  assistance

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